Byuing tequila







Bying sached water





Bycile wheel



By yourself

By yourself in a field

By your teeth come worms out

By the statement, “dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”?

By tea

By seeing maggot from palm tree

By myself in a journey

By milk

By married man

By hand

By green tea

By engine

By dream apple tree

By dad

By com com nut and drank the water the meaning

By close door

By blue apple

By a small goat by force

Bwhite dog


Buzzing white moth

Buzzing sound

Buzzing noise



Buzzard, carcass


Buzz light year

Buyung meat


Buysing smoked meat

Buyjng bath soap

Buyiny yam in a dream

Buyingthree dogs



Buying. surgacane in dream



Buying zuccini

Buying your girldfriend a pantyliner

Buying your ex slippers with him

Buying your ex slippers with him | dream interpretation

Buying your brothers house

Buying yeast

Buying yams

Buying yam

Buying yam in the dream, meaning

Buying yam in the dream

Buying yam in my dream

Buying yam in dream

Buying yam in a dream

Buying writing materials

Buying wretched house

Buying wrecked truck

Buying wrapper in the dream

Buying worms from a vending machine

Buying woolen baby shoes

Buying wooden spoons

Buying windbell

Buying wigs in a dream

Buying wig

Buying white used clothes

Buying white skirt

Buying white saree dream

Buying white jacket

Buying white cow

Buying white cloths

Buying white clothes

Buying weed

Buying wedding dress

Buying waterleaf in the dream

Buying water

Buying water leaves in a dream

Buying water leak in d dream

Buying water leaf

Buying water jugs

Buying water for someone

Buying water dew miranda

Buying watches

Buying washcloth

Buying wash bitter leaf in the market

Buying waist bead in dream

Buying very fat meat in a dream

Buying very big mopane worms

Buying vegetables

Buying vegetables oil in dream

Buying vegetables and periwinkle for preparation

Buying used speakers

Buying used pads

Buying used clothing

Buying used clothes

Buying used cloth

Buying unripe plantain in the market

Buying unpeel egwusi in the dream

Buying underwears

Buying two yams

Buying two tuber of yam

Buying two satchet of pure water for a person

Buying two pairs of shoes

Buying two packet of maggi dream meaning

Buying two new pillow

Buying two maggi cube in the dream

Buying two bus ticket

Buying two box of matches

Buying turmeric

Buying turmeric powder

Buying tubers of yam

Buying tubber of yam in the dream meaning

Buying truck from divorced couple

Buying trouser for dead relative

Buying trouser for dead relative in the dream

Buying traditional madicine in a dream

Buying tomatoes

Buying tomatoes in the dream

Buying tomatoes in my dream

Buying tomatoes in a dream

Buying toiletries

Buying tin from market

Buying tiger nuts in a dream

Buying tickets for a movie

Buying ticket

Buying three scooters

Buying things

Buying things i don’t want

Buying things for prayer

Buying tequila

Buying televisions

Buying teapots in dream

Buying teal shoes for sister and dealing with bad cashier

Buying tea for a pastor

Buying tea cupd

Buying tea cup

Buying taw rice

Buying taro in a dream

Buying tara leaves in a dream meaning

Buying tapioca

Buying tamarind

Buying tamarind with rupees

Buying taffy

Buying sweets

Buying sweets while pregnant

Buying sweets jilebi

Buying sweets in the dream

Buying sweets in my dreams

Buying sweets in dream

Buying sweets in a dream

Buying sweets from dead

Buying sweets and tasting it

Buying sweetpotatoes

Buying sweet

Buying sweet shop business

Buying sweet s

Buying sweet potatoes

Buying sweet potatoes in the dream

Buying sweet potatoes in a dream

Buying sweet potatoes in a dream meaning now

Buying sweet potatoes and pecans in my dream

Buying sweet in dream

Buying sweet in a dream

Buying sweet for marriage

Buying sweet candys

Buying sweeets

Buying sugercane in my dream and sharing it to give those whom are with me there in the dream

Buying suger cane in dream

Buying sugarcane

Buying sugarcane in ur drea am

Buying sugarcane in the dream

Buying sugarcane in dream

Buying sugarcane in a dream

Buying sugarcane dream

Buying sugar

Buying sugar cane

Buying sugar cane sticks at a market

Buying sugar cane in dream

Buying sugar cane in d dream means wat

Buying sugar cane in a dream

Buying sugar apples

Buying sucking mango

Buying string beans

Buying straightener

Buying stoockfish in the dream

Buying stockfish in a dream

Buying stock fish

Buying stock fish in the market

Buying stationery in a big store

Buying stationary

Buying squidds an cleaning them

Buying squid

Buying sprite drink in a dream represents

Buying sprite drink in a dream means what

Buying sppon and fork

Buying spoons in your dream four silver and one little dark

Buying spoon and fork

Buying spoilt meat

Buying spinach

Buying spinach in dream

Buying sorrel

Buying sorghum

Buying something you can’t afford

Buying something wrong

Buying something sweet

Buying something in the dream

Buying someone shoes

Buying soda

Buying soda in a dream

Buying soap

Buying soap in a dream

Buying soap and bleach

Buying so many handkerchiefs in a dream

Buying snuff from shop

Buying sneakers for children

Buying snail

Buying snail meaning

Buying snail in the market

Buying snail in the dream

Buying snail in market

Buying snail in a market

Buying snail i the dream

Buying snail from the market

Buying snail at market in dream

Buying snacks

Buying snacks in the dream

Buying snacks for friend

Buying smoked fish

Buying slippers

Buying slippers in the dream means what

Buying slippers dream meaning

Buying slipper

Buying slipper but there not same pair

Buying sky blue dress

Buying site

Buying sindoor

Buying simcard in dream

Buying silver pots & pans

Buying silver earrings

Buying silk clothes

Buying shrimp

Buying shop

Buying shoes

Buying shoes in dream

Buying shoes for younger brother

Buying shoes for wife

Buying shoes for someone

Buying shoes for someone who passed

Buying shoes for someone in a dream

Buying shoes for someone else

Buying shoes for resale

Buying shoes for my ex

Buying shoes for my boyfriend

Buying shoes for husband

Buying shoes for ex nephew

Buying shoes for a friend

Buying shoes de for resale

Buying shoes as a gift

Buying shoe lace in drea

Buying shoe for someone else

Buying shoe for my husband

Buying shirts

Buying sheep

Buying sheep for qurbani

Buying shea butter in dream

Buying sharwama in dream

Buying sewing machine port

Buying sewing machine at port

Buying seven different biscuits in the dream what does it mean

Buying seeds

Buying secondhand clothes for someone

Buying secondhand clothe in dream means what

Buying second hand clothing in the dream

Buying second hand clothes, shoes and hand bags

Buying second hand clothes

Buying second hand clothes in the dream

Buying second hand clothes for the baby

Buying second hand cloth in the dream meaning

Buying second hamd shoes

Buying sckee from a lady

Buying scalluins

Buying scallops

Buying scallions

Buying saree

Buying saree in dream

Buying saree for someone

Buying saree by husband

Buying sarchet water in the dream

Buying sarchet water and drink in the dream means what

Buying sanitary pads

Buying sandal and wearing it in excitement

Buying samosas beef and peas for four people

Buying salted fish

Buying salted dried fish

Buying salted dried fish in your fteam

Buying salted dried fish in the dream

Buying salted dried fish in dream

Buying salt

Buying salt shakers

Buying salt in a dream

Buying salt at a double price

Buying saffron in dream

Buying sachets water in dream

Buying sachet water

Buying sachet water in the market

Buying sachet water in the dream

Buying sachet water in the dream means what

Buying sachet water in dreams

Buying sachet water in dream

Buying sachet water in a dream?

Buying sachet water in a dream

Buying sachet water and it fell from the nylon and was return back to the seller

Buying sachet pure water in the dearm

Buying sachet of shampoo

Buying saaris

Buying roti in dream

Buying roofing sheets

Buying roofing sheet

Buying roasted cocoa yam in the dream

Buying ripe plantain

Buying ripe palm nut in your dream

Buying rice cakes

Buying red tomatoes

Buying red shorts

Buying red pepper in your dream

Buying red palm oil

Buying red onions

Buying red onion

Buying red glass bangles

Buying red colour and green colour bangles

Buying red bangles with sinddor

Buying red and blue colour saree

Buying recharge cards from a lady

Buying recharge card in dream

Buying raw turmeric for rs 40

Buying raw rice

Buying raw oxtail

Buying raw meat

Buying raw meat of a goat

Buying raw meat in the dream

Buying raw meat from the shop

Buying raw liver and kidney in a butcher

Buying raw goat meat in a dream

Buying raw cassava

Buying raw cassava in a dream

Buying raw camel meat

Buying rare frozen fish to start a business

Buying raisin

Buying raisens

Buying radishes

Buying purse

Buying pure water sachets i

Buying pure water in your dream

Buying pure water in my dream

Buying puff puff

Buying puff puff in the dream

Buying puff puff in a dream

Buying puff puff for my wife dream

Buying puff puff and fish roll

Buying prophet meat in drea

Buying property

Buying presents

Buying praying mat

Buying prayer mat in dream

Buying prayer mar in dream

Buying prawns

Buying powered milk

Buying pounded palm fruits

Buying pots

Buying potatoes

Buying potato in dream

Buying potash

Buying potash in my dream

Buying pot and kettle

Buying porridge from someone

Buying pork

Buying popcorn

Buying popcorn in my dream

Buying pomade

Buying polony

Buying plenty sachet water in dream

Buying plenty dried crayfish in the dream

Buying plenty baby boys clothes

Buying plantain in the dream

Buying plantain chips in dream

Buying plantain chips in a dream biblical meaning

Buying plaintain

Buying pista

Buying piggybank

Buying piggy bank in a dream

Buying piece of land

Buying pickles

Buying photo

Buying petrol

Buying petrol in dream

Buying petrol in a dream

Buying periwinko in dream

Buying periwinkles

Buying periwinkles with shell in the dream

Buying periwinkles in my dream

Buying periwinkles in dream meaning

Buying periwinkle.

Buying periwinkle

Buying periwinkle in the dream,what does it mean?

Buying periwinkle in the dream

Buying periwinkle in dream

Buying periwinkle and okra in the dream

Buying periwingles in the dream in a cup meaning

Buying perfumes in dream

Buying perfume

Buying perfume with your ex lover

Buying perfume with an ex lover

Buying perfume in the dream

Buying perfume in a dream means

Buying pepper

Buying peppe for a dead friend and talking

Buying pencil and ruler

Buying pen but not available

Buying peeled egusi in the market

Buying peas

Buying peas that look like strings of pearls

Buying peas an cabbage

Buying pear in the dream

Buying peanuts in the dream

Buying pastries

Buying papin the dream meaning

Buying paper towels

Buying pap

Buying pap in the dream

Buying pap in the dream meaning

Buying pap in dream

Buying pap from the market

Buying panty

Buying panties

Buying paneer in dream

Buying palmoil in dream

Buying palmnuts

Buying palmnut in dream

Buying palm wine

Buying palm wine in dream meaning

Buying palm pill in a new container

Buying palm oil

Buying palm oil the fream

Buying palm oil in the dream

Buying palm oil in a new container

Buying palm kernel

Buying palm fruits

Buying palm fruits in market in dream

Buying palm fruits from market in dream

Buying palm fruit

Buying palm fruit in dream

Buying palets

Buying paint brush

Buying packs of pork chops

Buying oxtail meat

Buying oxen

Buying own tongue on the dream: meaning

Buying others a milkshake

Buying other of own home

Buying oranges in the market

Buying orange slipper in dream and wearing it

Buying orange plain bangles in dream

Buying or selling periwinkle in the dream

Buying or selling a slave

Buying or selling a business

Buying or planning to buy a house

Buying onions

Buying onions in the dream

Buying onions in dreams

Buying onions in a dream

Buying onion

Buying onion in the dream

Buying onion in dream

Buying old sarees

Buying old house

Buying old clothes

Buying old cloth

Buying old clith

Buying old cannon balls

Buying okro

Buying okro soup in a restaurant

Buying okro in dream

Buying okra. in the dream

Buying okra in dream

Buying okra in dream mean

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