Cysytal ball


Cysts on leg

Cysts on back bone


Cyst that is infected

Cyst removed

Cyst pus

Cyst on stomach

Cyst on right thigh

Cyst on my skin

Cyst on leg

Cyst on foot removal

Cyst on eyelid

Cyst on ear

Cyst on chin

Cyst on chest

Cyst on belly

Cyst neck

Cyst leg

Cyst in the back of my head

Cyst in stomach

Cyst in lip

Cyst in between eyes

Cyst breaking




Cyril, cyrille


Cyprus tree


Cypress trees

Cypress tree

Cypress flower

Cypress evergreen


Cynthia, cindy



Cyming down from ladder


Cymera animals too close




Cymbals meaning




Cylinder of cooked shrimp

Cylinder number

Cylinder gas break

Cylcops cat





Cyclops tiger

Cyclops looking at me

Cyclops kitten

Cyclops goat

Cyclops child

Cyclops cat




Cyclop dog

Cyclop baby


Cyclone sea

Cyclone in sea


Cycling with dry fish on the bike

Cycling match

Cycling down steps

Cycling bike



Cycle meaning teer number








Cwmwnt walls


Cuuting purple sugar cane

Cutying hang nails

Cuttung hair




Cuttlefish squid dried

Cuttlefish man give number 135

Cuttlefish in dream

Cuttlefish bone


Cuttle fish




Cuttingnand cleaning the fish

Cutting/chopping cow meat

Cutting/ chopping cow meat in a dream


Cutting-off killers

Cutting, neem, tree in the dream

Cutting, blood exchange, disease


Cutting yourself

Cutting your tongue

Cutting your toes

Cutting your toenails

Cutting your to gue

Cutting your sisters hair short

Cutting your pubic hair

Cutting your pubic hair with scissors

Cutting your own tongue out

Cutting your own tongue off

Cutting your own locks by mistake

Cutting your hair

Cutting your hair in the dream

Cutting your hair by mother

Cutting your finger nails: you want to cut a person down to size

Cutting your dogs tongou

Cutting your cheek

Cutting your bangs short

Cutting young cassava in yoùr dream

Cutting you own tongue off

Cutting yorvbangs short

Cutting wrists

Cutting wrist

Cutting wool with a scissor in my dream

Cutting woods

Cutting wood

Cutting wood in the dream

Cutting with sissors

Cutting with scissors

Cutting with blade

Cutting wire

Cutting wire dream

Cutting wings

Cutting white roses

Cutting white hair

Cutting white chicken head with scissor on the tarmac

Cutting weeds

Cutting weeds on a path

Cutting watee melon

Cutting vine

Cutting vegetables

Cutting vegetable

Cutting vagina hair with scissors

Cutting up

Cutting up salmon

Cutting up green lime

Cutting up fish

Cutting up collard greens

Cutting up collar greens

Cutting up chicken feet with nails

Cutting up animals

Cutting up a face

Cutting under of foot

Cutting umbilical cord

Cutting trunks

Cutting trees

Cutting tree

Cutting tree logs

Cutting treads

Cutting tongue

Cutting tongue meaning in dream

Cutting tongue in a dream islamic interpretation

Cutting tomatoes

Cutting toes off

Cutting toe off

Cutting toe nails

Cutting toe nails

Cutting toe nail

Cutting toddy

Cutting to nail with out keeping single

Cutting tin foil

Cutting thumb

Cutting throat

Cutting there wrists

Cutting the tree

Cutting the tree with fruits

Cutting the tree is good in the dream

Cutting the shirt you are wearing

Cutting the rope

Cutting the rope when someone is trying to hung themselves

Cutting the off the head of a python in a dream

Cutting the neem tree is good or bad in the dream

Cutting the meat in eid up azdha

Cutting the lawn

Cutting the human flesh

Cutting the head off

Cutting the head of snakes

Cutting the head of snake

Cutting the head of a python

Cutting the hair of fairy

Cutting the fungus of the muchrooms

Cutting the crown of sto. niño

Cutting the coconut tree

Cutting the chicken

Cutting the chicken in dream

Cutting tapioca and worms are coming from it

Cutting tall flowers

Cutting tail of a hen

Cutting sygarcane

Cutting swede

Cutting surga cane

Cutting suger cane

Cutting sugarcanes in the dream means what?

Cutting sugarcanes in a dream

Cutting sugarcane

Cutting sugarcane with friends

Cutting sugarcane in your dream

Cutting sugarcane in dream

Cutting sugarcane dream

Cutting sugar-cane

Cutting sugar cane

Cutting sugar cane meaning

Cutting sugar cane in your dream

Cutting sugar cane in dream

Cutting string beans

Cutting steaks

Cutting spinach

Cutting sons shoulder

Cutting someone’s tongue

Cutting someone’s throat

Cutting someone’s nails

Cutting someone’s hand in a drea

Cutting someones toe nail

Cutting someones index finger

Cutting someones hand

Cutting someones hand off in a dream

Cutting someones body part

Cutting someone

Cutting someone with sword

Cutting someone with a knife

Cutting someone throat

Cutting someone headphone cord

Cutting someone hand in the dream meaning

Cutting someone hair

Cutting someone hair ponytail

Cutting someone else’s nails

Cutting someone elses hair

Cutting someone both hands off

Cutting snale head off

Cutting snakes head off

Cutting snakehead off

Cutting snake head off

Cutting smoked fish

Cutting slippers

Cutting slices of jackfruit means

Cutting skin of your palm

Cutting sisters hair off

Cutting sheep head in dream

Cutting self

Cutting seat belt

Cutting saw dust on a plate

Cutting saw dust from a old tree

Cutting sandlewood tree

Cutting sandalwood tree

Cutting salmon

Cutting ropes surrounding my body

Cutting rope

Cutting rope in a dream

Cutting roots

Cutting ripe palm fruit

Cutting rip jack fruit

Cutting rice

Cutting remark

Cutting red meat

Cutting raw meat

Cutting raw meat dream

Cutting raw fish

Cutting pubic long hair

Cutting pubic hair

Cutting pubic hair in dream

Cutting pubic hair by wife with scissor in a dream

Cutting psychic cord with ex

Cutting potatoes

Cutting potato

Cutting potato into small pieces

Cutting poison ivy

Cutting plum tree down

Cutting plantain

Cutting plantain in the dream

Cutting plantain in my dream

Cutting plank

Cutting plam head.

Cutting plam head

Cutting pillows

Cutting pillow

Cutting pigs mouth

Cutting periwinkle in the dream

Cutting perinwinkle in the dream

Cutting penis

Cutting penis dream

Cutting patatoes

Cutting paper

Cutting palms tree hands in dream

Cutting palm

Cutting palm tree leaves in the dream

Cutting palm of hand scissors

Cutting palm leaf in the dream

Cutting palm branches in a dream

Cutting paddy plants in fields

Cutting own tongue off with scissors

Cutting own thighs with a knife

Cutting own self withoput blood

Cutting out your own younger

Cutting out liver

Cutting open men

Cutting open chest

Cutting onions

Cutting onins

Cutting ones penis

Cutting ones lower limbs by self

Cutting ones limb

Cutting ones hair

Cutting ones hair short

Cutting one sugar caneacanea

Cutting one sugar cane among many

Cutting one side of nose ring

Cutting okro

Cutting okro means

Cutting okro in dream

Cutting okro in dream meaning

Cutting okro in a dream

Cutting okra

Cutting okra in dream

Cutting okoro tree branch

Cutting okay

Cutting offals

Cutting off

Cutting off your own eyelids with side cutters

Cutting off your eyelids

Cutting off toes

Cutting off the head o\f the sake

Cutting off the head of a snake

Cutting off the arm of satan

Cutting off sugarcane

Cutting off someone’s hands

Cutting off someone’s hand

Cutting off someone\'s right hand

Cutting off snakes head

Cutting off snakeheads

Cutting off ring on a tree

Cutting off pinkie finger dream

Cutting off pig snout but it had a human nose

Cutting off peoples skin

Cutting off penis

Cutting off penis in dream

Cutting off own tongue

Cutting off own eye lids dream

Cutting off of slipper with force

Cutting off of left hand

Cutting off of feet

Cutting off my boot heels

Cutting off lips

Cutting off limbs

Cutting off left hand

Cutting off killers

Cutting off heads with a sword

Cutting off head

Cutting off hands

Cutting off hand

Cutting off hair in a dream

Cutting off foot

Cutting off fingers

Cutting off finger

Cutting off feet

Cutting off eyelid

Cutting off end of finger

Cutting off ear

Cutting off dread

Cutting off dead persons eyelids

Cutting off dead nails

Cutting off couger’s head

Cutting off cat head

Cutting off brothers body

Cutting off body parts

Cutting off a snakes head

Cutting off a left breast in a dream

Cutting off a finger

Cutting off a corks head

Cutting off a cats head

Cutting of

Cutting of wrist

Cutting of tree limbs

Cutting of the hair

Cutting of sugarcane in dreams

Cutting of sugarcane in a dream

Cutting of some pubic hair with razor and some tired young man is asking for to wash your hands quickly

Cutting of snakes heads

Cutting of raw meat

Cutting of raw akwara meat

Cutting of pomegranate tree with unrippedpomegranate fruit

Cutting of penis

Cutting of palm fruit in the dream

Cutting of okro without packing them

Cutting of okro in the dream without packing it

Cutting of okra

Cutting of lemon grass

Cutting of leaves of a plant

Cutting of jack fruit

Cutting of horse head

Cutting of hair

Cutting of fungle teo nail in dream

Cutting of fish

Cutting of face

Cutting of chicken in dream mean

Cutting of cassava in other to cook it

Cutting of black paper

Cutting of bangs in dream

Cutting of a tree

Cutting of a snakes head

Cutting nsils of a dead aunt

Cutting nose off

Cutting nose hair

Cutting necks

Cutting neck in dream meaning

Cutting nails

Cutting nails of my dead daughter

Cutting nail

Cutting myself on middle finger

Cutting my wrist

Cutting my pubic hair

Cutting my pubic hair with scissors

Cutting my penis in dream

Cutting my own tongue

Cutting my own thumb

Cutting my hair

Cutting my hair very short

Cutting my hair by barber

Cutting my hair badly

Cutting my fingertips

Cutting my ex husbands hair

Cutting my ears

Cutting my dogs ear

Cutting my anus out

Cutting mulberry trees

Cutting methi leaves

Cutting meat

Cutting meat slices

Cutting meat in the dream means what

Cutting meat in dream

Cutting meat beef for visitors are about to arrive mum

Cutting meat beef and it

Cutting meals head off

Cutting lungs

Cutting lung

Cutting long nose hair

Cutting long hair

Cutting log

Cutting locks

Cutting liver

Cutting lips

Cutting lion

Cutting lime

Cutting lemons

Cutting lemon

Cutting lemon seeing in dream

Cutting lemon dreams meaning

Cutting leg muscles

Cutting leeks

Cutting leaves from a tree

Cutting lauki in dream

Cutting lamb liver

Cutting inside cheek

Cutting index finger with comb

Cutting in line

Cutting in half

Cutting ild coconut tree

Cutting if cat fish in dream

Cutting humen body

Cutting humen body using sward

Cutting human meat in the dream

Cutting human leg in the dream

Cutting human head

Cutting human flesh

Cutting human flesh in dream

Cutting human body

Cutting human body dreams meaning

Cutting horse head

Cutting horse head off

Cutting holes in shirts

Cutting hind leg of goat meat

Cutting her bangs

Cutting hen

Cutting heads off

Cutting headphone cord

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