I’ve had a reoccurring dream and i’ve never found anything until this last time and it was a ring

I’ve cubes

I’ve cream

I’ve cream dessert

I’ve cream cake

I’ve canyon


I’m wearing not pair of shoes.

I’m walking down this dark path but the moon is beautiful and to my right side i notice a beautiful big grey wolf at my side. up ahead of me are my three dogs who i love so much and have been deceased for many years now. the funny thing about this is that i wasn’t sleeping when this happened i went into a trance like state and stared at this beautiful figure with wings in the dark path and i wasn’t scared. i’m just trying to figure it out so i would love your input. thanks

I’m the chosen one

I’m the 4 pillar in my dream holding my tree of life surrounded by water on all sides

I’m spelling

I’m speaking hebrew to jewish man who is speaking to me in english interpretation

I’m slashed in face by chainsaw

I’m rambo

I’m pregnant

I’m performing an exorcism

I’m painting my face white paint

I’m old with white hair

I’m naked feel joyful

I’m my dreams i constantly ding myself shirtless and then when i notice i feel self conscious and have to cover myself

I’m my dream i keep eat and i’m still hungry

I’m murdering someone

I’m lost

I’m lost in a tree of life

I’m in house with several old coffins

I’m in a room with sister talking about the death of a relative but not planning funeral

I’m hurting my sister and taking her to hospital for treatment

I’m holding someone’s hand an skipping and happy . what does this dream mean

I’m hiding away from ex husband

I’m getting married

I’m getting married

I’m flying

I’m flying without wings

I’m fighting monsters that hatch from eggs

I’m falling

I’m dying

I’m driving looking for a higher land while flooding waters flowing downstream..

I’m dressed up and at a social function

I’m dreaming of spitting in my sleep

I’m dreaming of my dead friend talking to me but i can’t hear what their saying

I’m dreaming of a dead friend but i can’t hear what their telling me

I’m dreaming i’m farting and laughing

I’m dreaming about pickles

I’m dreamed my deceased husband was jealous

I’m cutting off snake head, copper head

I’m burning

I’m breaking lamps in a place of business

I’m being burned

I’m barricaded in my home with lions circling the house

I’m barefoot

I’m a woman and i pinched a woman

I’m a girl who sucked pussy

I’m a female and had a penis

I’m a black person in nigeria but in a dream i was in asia with plenty asians in a room we were all standind on a rope and no one fell down though i was afraid. what is the meaning


I’ll-fitter clothes


I’ll person recovering

I’ll dog

I’d card

I’ married but i always dream about other men





















I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll but being treated

I\\\'m on a ledge trying to get off

I\\\'ll but being treated

I\'m proud of you

I\'ll but being treated







Izard killed by eagle



Iwon in running race compitition

Iwas waering a red dress at a club and richard pryor and o.j. were there



Ivy with lot fruits

Ivy turning into a snake

Ivy tattoo on stomach

Ivy solomon

Ivy plant

Ivy plant as your hair

Ivy league

Ivy in you rhair

Ivy growing

Ivy growing through out my hair

Ivy growing around a building

Ivy gourd

Ivy fruit

Ivy drip

Ivy dreams

Ivy dreams means


Ivory, ivoreen


Ivory tower collapse

Ivory talisman

Ivory of an elephant

Ivory necklace

Ivory mean

Ivory dream

Ivory couch

Ivory clothes

Ivory carpet

Ive been very promiscuous

Ive been dreaming about my work

Ivar, ivor


Iva, ivan, ivana


Iv sri

Iv removal

Iv pole

Iv needle

Iv needle in arm

Iv needle being inserted and taken out over and over

Iv injection medicine

Iv in someone arm

Iv drug use

Iv drip

Iv drip in the dream

Iv drip by druggist in dream

Iv bloodinfusion


It’s me but someone else

It\'s like this i was in a boat and i drown in sea then i ask help from one man sitting on the boat




Its raining inside of my house

Its raining and dont want to get hair wet

Its not tara

Its meaning

Its inevitable the march of time will slowly halt it draws near

Its high tide then turns i see people walking from the beach carrying large picnic baskets in single file

Its a huge pearl necklace hanging in a tree

Its a baby boy

Itngel of death





Items to be moved from old apartment

Items taken

Items stolen

Items stolen from home

Items returned to store were gone swapped by 3store rep

Items floating in ocean

Items falling from the sky

Items disappear when touched

Items coming from the sky


Item falling

Item falling off a wall



Itchy woolen cardigan

Itchy tooth then falls out no pain

Itchy tongue

Itchy stomach

Itchy stomach in dream

Itchy scalp

Itchy red eyes

Itchy red blanket

Itchy palms

Itchy palm

Itchy nose

Itchy nipples

Itchy nipple

Itchy legs

Itchy index finger

Itchy head, hand and body

Itchy head

Itchy hands

Itchy hand

Itchy fingers

Itchy eyes

Itchy eyeball

Itchy eye

Itchy eye dream

Itchy ear citizenship

Itchy bumps

Itchy blanket

Itchy back


Itching scalp

Itching or scratching

Itching left palm

Itching in a dream

Itching feet

Itching eyes meaning

Itching eye




Itch scalp

Itch (ing)

Italy, italian




Italian writing

Italian people

Italian man

Italian man in hospital bed

Italian language

Italian cypress tree

Italian currency

Italian consulate



It was the hottest day on earth

It was the end of the world and i took piils to end life

It was the biggest jade tree i have ever seen and these people cut it down for what it could give them and i was crying

It was really windy and the kite flew out of my hands

It was raining in my house

It was not in dream but in reality clothes caught up fire

It was night my father and i driving and suddenly my father stopped the car on a empty road surrounded by trees in night and ask me to go out said my mother calling me while my mother was dead and when i not go out he go out and as stand with a thing which not have body or head only had a flower pot in place of head as soon as my father go out i locked the car from inside and then that thing tried to open the car and running round all over the car to see me and say come out mom waits for you

It was mentioned they liked it

It was like being on white string

It was just an empty room and i was being reminded abouty sins

It was hail rain outside while i was sleeping in my car

It was fall, i was in my old house in green hills, i think it was halloween, the sun was out but the skies were black, the sun was hot and scorched the earth, there was a weird high pitched scream that happened every now and then and i was running through the woods and there was a small asian kid following me around.

It was discovered that our brain was washed from head to toe while sleeping

It was a white wedding dress and the zipper was stick in the lining

It was a big black gates opening with fog and repeating

It the clown in fortnite

It s raining,and muddy water flowing through the river

It rained on me and passport got wet and teared up

It means

It means what millet

It meaning girl, child, curly, hair in the dream

It mean name seek

It keeps saying i cant log in

It is you

It is now or never

It is good

It is good to be double date in islam with prove

It is a new pant my husband went to pick up from the tailor and then the tailor said the pockets is not going to last for a year

It feels like a tiny back pain but when i move it hurts








Isthikara spouse cheating


Ister cutting sisters hair dream meaning


Issuing betal leafs and areca nuts to others in temple

Issue in violet

Issue in black






Israel prime minister

Israel flag

Ispoke to prince william

Isopropyl alcohol




Isolate / isolation







Island with my family and a baby

Island village

Island of malta

Island me and people who i know

Island me and people who i know was on bed

Island floating in the sky




Islamic young woman

Islamic writing

Islamic writing and sexual

Islamic teacher

Islamic symbol

Islamic sunscreen

Islamic sunnah sites

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Islamic seeing hairs inside your nose in a dream

Islamic scholor

Islamic prayer room

Islamic meaning of seeing cameleon in da dream

Islamic meaning of name writing in sand

Islamic meaning of name sulikiyyah

Islamic meaning of hatching egg

Islamic meaning of dreams of gray hair

Islamic meaning of dreaming ayatul kursi reciting in dream

Islamic meaning of dream about a woman seeing herself rainin wet in a beautiful garden

Islamic meaning of dream about a woman seeing herself rain

Islamic meaning of carry kerosene in a dream

Islamic meaning and intepretation of dreams

Islamic irrigation

Islamic intrepretation of gold robbery

Islamic interpretations for rough river

Islamic interpretation of someone whose hair is seen cut in a dream

Islamic interpretation of someone that goes missing in a dream

Islamic interpretation of seeing dolphin in dream

Islamic interpretation of knocking dreams

Islamic interpretation of having a baby

Islamic interpretation of harvesting coffee bean

Islamic interpretation of giving birth to a baby girl

Islamic interpretation of dreams

Islamic interpretation of dreaming of milipede

Islamic interpretation of dreaming having sex with husband

Islamic interpretation of dreaming about pink bra

Islamic interpretation of dream

Islamic interpretation of dream about arriving at the house full of cakes

Islamic interpretation of coat

Islamic interpretation of a dream whicheck relate betelnuts

Islamic interpretation of a dream of being covered in a black blanket

Islamic interpretation for lightning

Islamic giving birth early

Islamic gambling

Islamic festivals

Islamic dreams

Islamic dreams seeing your self vomiting flem

Islamic dreams interpretation of hills

Islamic dreams chicken in toilet pot

Islamic dreaming a lot of charcoal

Islamic dream

Islamic dream

Islamic dream what does it mean seeing hairs inside your nose

Islamic dream translation in english big cow in a dream

Islamic dream translate-seeing the apple shape undr my tongue

Islamic dream smearing vaseline

Islamic dream receiving money

Islamic dream pulling something out of fingernail

Islamic dream on winning a first prize award

Islamic dream on plastic ruler

Islamic dream of toy gun

Islamic dream of slug

Islamic dream of packing out of your house

Islamic dream of kola nut

Islamic dream of blowout

Islamic dream meaning of some one sleeping or laying on his back

Islamic dream meaning macrowave

Islamic dream meaning bitter leaf

Islamic dream interreption

Islamic dream interpretationof spirogyra

Islamic dream interpretation, virginia discharge

Islamic dream interpretation

Islamic dream interpretation white colour

Islamic dream interpretation watch

Islamic dream interpretation pregnancy miscarriage

Islamic dream interpretation of purchasing a radio

Islamic dream interpretation of picking up head louse from another women

Islamic dream interpretation of deficating in public

Islamic dream interpretation of being naked and deficating in public

Islamic dream interpretation of being naked and dedicating in public

Islamic dream interpretation black colour

Islamic dream interpretation about teeth falling and being stitched back

Islamic dream interpretation a dead person angry

Islamic dream intepretation

Islamic dream if i saw myself blooding right hand

Islamic dream having sex with an snimal

Islamic dream having a baby boy

Islamic dream dirty spectacle

Islamic dream directory

Islamic dream defnation

Islamic dream about lot of tamarind tree

Islamic dream about apple shape under my tongue

Islamic dream about anaconda

Islamic dictionary onions

Islamic cleric picture

Islamic cleric in dream

Islamic call

Islamic books

Islamic blind

Islamic birth

Islami meaning

Islami daren.


Islam wig

Islam white tasbeeh

Islam two white horse

Islam to buddhism

Islam sneaking around

Islam religious pe

Islam meaning of running naked

Islam meaning dreaming having a baby boy

Islam i dream of calabash what that mean

Islam dream of calabash





Isiwasho yellow what is the meaning

Isiwasho esi pink

Isiwasho dream meaning



Isis goddess





Isha prayers

Isha prayer

Isha namaz



Ised sanitary pad

Isaw someone painting the inner part of the house what is the meaning

Isaw myself sleeping and than i awake but nobody can see me .. except my one cousin.iwas weeping

Isaw my sick husband and daugther walking in the crowded people

Isaw african civet what does it mean




Isaiah 45:7

Isae my hair all grey





Is urinating blood a sign for wichcraft

Is there anything like water spirt

Is strawberries are offered

Is someone else buying shoes

Is she lieing

Is seeing yourself eating dog meat good or bad in a dream

Is it possible to die in your dream?

Is it ok to cold compress jammed fingers

Is it normal for pregnant woman to feel cramp

Is it good to tell your father about your dream?

Is it good to see someone wearing bridal churra in your dream

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