Mythological dreams


Mythical swan

Mythical monster

Mythical dog

Mythical creatures

Mythical creature



Mystick person


Mystical vision

Mystical person

Mystical person appearing

Mystical creatures

Mystical bird

Mystical ball



Mystic men

Mystic knot


Mystery woman trying to buy me food

Mystery man

Mystery lover


Mysterious room

Mysterious old man

Mysterious islands

Mysterious creatures



Mysic video


Myself with moustache

Myself whistling godly music

Myself wearing white saari

Myself teleporting

Myself shaving beard with knife

Myself pounding fufu with pistle

Myself melting

Myself masterbating in dream

Myself lost

Myself is anubis

Myself in white saree with open hairs

Myself in the kitchen putting food away

Myself in purgatory

Myself in hijab

Myself in danger

Myself having cancer

Myself dying

Myself dented head

Myself dead

Myself chasing a stag

Myself bride

Myself bleating

Myself bleating on leg

Myself being unburried

Myself being the life of the party

Myself being selfish

Myself being pregnant

Myself begging in my dream

Myself asking for money from someone else

Myself as a baby

Myself and the moon and one star was paying obedience to me

Myself and pastor fetching water from the tap

Myself and my brother dead

Myself a female having sex with another female

Myself a baby








Mynna sitting under me and touch my feet


Mynahs sitting on ledge

Mynahs flying away

Mynahs dream


Mynah in dream

Mynah dream meaning

Mynah birrd

Mynah birds in dream

Mynah bird

Mynah bird on shoulder

Mynah bird in dream

Mynah bird dream


Myna in water dream meaning

Myna in dreams

Myna birds

Myna bird

Myna bird sitting on door

Myna bird number

Myna bird lucky number

Myna bird in my dream

Myna bird in dream

Mym dream my sleeper was taking


Mylar balloon






Mycheal myers trying to get a boy and i try my best to save boy

My. having a stroke




My younger sister was in the rain by seven white men and i killed two of them and went to a castle and i was given a prison sentence

My younger brother weared my formal long pant in my dream he thorned

My younger brother was cry in my dream because his girlfriend cheated

My younger brother in my dream shared raw meat with me.

My younger brother holding my hands

My young nease bleeding

My young life flashbacks

My youger sister boy

My xboy friend always in his house

My x with my sister

My x wife wearing braces in my dreams

My x was drunk and told me he was getting married

My x told me he was getting married

My x boyfriend snatched my belt from me

My x boyfriend sister

My x bf was dating my sister

My wrist watch stolen in a dream

My wrist watch glass crack in dream

My wrist broke

My work was on fire

My work clients came to my house

My women friends

My wifes phone i had broken completely

My wifes i had broken completely

My wife

My wife with a bullet in her head

My wife was nursing her ex-husband

My wife was giving milk to a lady in my dream.what does it denote

My wife was giving milk to a lady in my dream

My wife was being d

My wife was attacked and raped by someone

My wife vomiting some fish heads related

My wife telling me that she is having an affair and wants a divorce

My wife spraying smoke in a room

My wife splitting up blood

My wife spit in my hands

My wife slapped me hard on my cheek in a dream

My wife sister was demanding sex from me

My wife should be pregnant by this month

My wife she was sweeping the yard

My wife seen garlic in her dream what does mean

My wife seemed like a vampire trying to bite me

My wife see my mosquito net outside and she took it in

My wife see me kissing with another women in our office

My wife riding a camel

My wife ridding on a camel. what does it mean

My wife ridding on a camel

My wife receiving a gift of hat from her boss through his representative in front of our church.

My wife pregnant

My wife masturbate to orgasm

My wife left me for her ex husband

My wife leaves me for another man

My wife kissing another man

My wife kiss a man

My wife killed me in a deam

My wife is with tattoo

My wife is pregnant

My wife is dating a giant

My wife is caressing and holding my penis

My wife in labor

My wife in gold

My wife in danger

My wife ignore me in dreams

My wife having two husbands

My wife having sex with someone else

My wife having sex with another person

My wife having sex with another man

My wife having intercourse with mother man

My wife having intercouare with another man

My wife have sex with another man

My wife have boyfriend

My wife got raped in workplace

My wife got abducted

My wife given dog breast in the dreams

My wife dreamt of my penis stuck in her vagina

My wife dreamed i was handcuffed by police

My wife dreamed i died

My wife dreamed and saw me in chains or handcuffs and i told her in the dream that it is the police

My wife dream cutting her hair

My wife doing job with me

My wife died

My wife cleaned my room

My wife cheating

My wife cheating having sex with someone else

My wife changing ex-husbands dippers

My wife called my cellphone and i pick and up ame

My wife burns me

My wife bitten

My wife bitten all over

My wife being touched by another man

My wife being pregnant

My wife being d

My wife became amish

My wife bath me

My wife avoid sex

My wife avoid me in dream

My wife asked me to sleep with her and her male co worker

My wife a prostitute

My white horns was sawed at the bishops elementary altar

My wedding

My wedding rings split on my finger in my dream also my dress ring on my other hand

My wedding ring rusted

My wedding ring it’s in my poop

My wedding invitation see in dream

My wedding in dream

My weddibn ring is in my poop

My wears wigs on top of each other

My watch fell in to pieces

My wallet suddenly started burning

My wallet is burning in my hands

My wallet burt

My wallet burnt half

My wallet being stolen

My voice is gone

My village buildings changed to tudor with a bustling street market

My vagina looks like head of cauliflower

My vagina licked

My vagina got licked

My vagina being sucked

My unfinished house

My uneven cleavage

My uncle

My uncle trying to lose my birginite

My uncle trying to have sex with me in my dream

My uncle say i have to make my boyfreinds birth certificate

My uncle said it was fine we just needs me to help him fix it

My uncle put a silver crown on my head

My uncle past away and i dreamed he was standing over my girlfriend

My uncle kissing me

My uncle kissed me

My uncle kissed me in my dream

My uncle in my dream said i was dreaming of your own death

My uncle hit me in chest

My uncle got married

My uncle got married and was married away

My uncle going for lobola for my niece that is a virginia?

My uncle gave me a gift of a music instrument

My uncle chasing my dog

My two months old baby was talking to me in my dream

My two female dogs ed inside my house

My two female dogs ed in my living room

My two brothers traveled

My twin daughter and i collecting big fish

My twin brother visited me and told me to keep the gate open because then he cant visit us if its closed

My tv came to life

My turn

My truck blew away from my driveway

My trap catches big grasscuter

My toothbrush

My tooth fell out

My tongue

My tongue was split like a snake

My tongue was moving like snake?

My tongue was cut

My tongue was black

My tongue touching someone tongue

My tongue shedding skin

My tongue fell out

My tongue cut open in a pattern by a man who cut his too

My toenails has been removed

My toenails has been removed in my dream

My toenails fell off

My toe nail half way falling off

My toddler’s navel was half opened but clean, baby acted normal

My toddler with 2 ponytails

My toddler son wearing tight clothes

My time finish

My thumb nail falling off

My throat slit by someone familiar

My third eye opening

My things being stolen

My teeth were falling out and new teeth growing out

My teeth was falling out

My teeth is falling down

My teeth has come out

My teeth getting broken

My teeth fell out

My teeth falling out

My teeth fall out

My teeth fall out without pain

My teeth fall down in dream

My teeth coming out

My teen daughter told me she is pregnant

My team won and got qualified

My teacher who is my neighbors cutting my long curl hair with smile of satisfactiojn

My teacher protected me from harm and took care of me

My teacher dyed his hair and painted his fingernails black

My teacher didnt know where serkin is

My t-shirt tear i see someone use

My suv is missing

My stove was burning

My stomach was cut open and then sew back

My stomach is missing

My stomach is gone

My stomach growling really loud

My stolen item returned to me

My sto. nino ( child jesus) was hit by a person and broken into 3 pieces.

My stillborn daughter is a 6 year that i seem to know in my dreams

My stepson

My step daughter kissed me in my dream on the lips

My step daughter disrespect me dad said nothing

My steering wheel of my bike falling off

My statue of a bird came to life peed on my floor and returned to an inanimate object

My spouse with a ring worm

My spouse was cutting a potatoe

My spouse wants to leave me

My spouse falls into a hole

My spiritual leader on a dream

My spirit leaves my body when i sleep

My sperm on the head head of my sex partner

My spayed pet dog is pregnant

My soul taken out

My soul coming out

My soon to be ex communicating with me in my dreams

My sons

My sons cornea fell out

My son

My son wounded his head

My son with breast, wearing brassiere

My son wins the lottery

My son who is alive asked me in my dream why i forgot his birthday

My son wearing red bangles

My son wearing my shoes

My son wearing my heels

My son was sold and i could not stop it

My son was seen in heaven wearing a white shirt with 2blue stripes on his shoulder

My son was leaving me

My son was hurt

My son was choking and i saved him

My son was buried alive

My son was buried alive and couldnt find him the soil was too much

My son vormit worn i tro it

My son vomiting food then he dies

My son uniform teared

My son throwing rocks

My son that passed gave me 4 bluish,green large glass containers

My son suffers from back pain, i dreamed i was rubbing pain cream on it to make it better

My son suffering from mouth sores

My son standing outside a door saying all your dreams came true and white smoke in front of him

My son sleeping and naked from down

My son sitting on the floor

My son seen his dad in coffin

My son seems dead then suddenly he live again

My son put my dog in the freezer but dog was found alive

My son pregnant in pain

My son praying the opposite way to the qibla

My son penios erected

My son leaking my toes

My son jumping from once builiding to the other building from the top floor

My son is small

My son is gay

My son is eye were green

My son is dying

My son is antichrist

My son is a acavenger

My son in law died

My son in gry cloth

My son head bleeding

My son has car accident

My son had bruised face

My son had accident and died

My son giving birth

My son gets tortured

My son fell and needed a new face

My son falling

My son falling in a well

My son eye got hurt

My son eating raw eggs

My son eating fruit in dream

My son drowning

My son dreamed of him and his sisters ribs poking out

My son diving into water

My son dies

My son died

My son died i cried

My son defile me

My son dead then suddenly he live again

My son cut off the feet

My son crossing a highway to meet me

My son covered in head scabbies

My son coming in and out of some try to get police to catch him

My son chocked in my dream

My son caught a dove

My son bitten by a snake

My son being really this

My son being mulched

My son being killed

My son became kid

My son bacame a naked baby

My son and i falling in a latrine but rescued

My some small furniture is moved away

My sol taking

My snap foodstamps card was declined

My small pet dog

My small dog killed a snake

My slippers was worn out later it was coupled and was given back to me

My slippers took away by bird

My slippers on fire

My slippers got missing

My sleeping cat

My sleepers broken

My siter been dead for years i dream i was with her and then she left me

My sisyer with a gold tooth

My sisther saw me dead in coffin and i was berid in her dream people where crying

My sisters

My sisters left wrist been amputated by bandits

My sisters hair turned gray

My sister

My sister who is not alive giving red rose flower

My sister who died

My sister wearing colour purple

My sister weari g pink

My sister washing my feet

My sister was using steroids and then i took them away from he

My sister was asking my boyfriend to buy us a brown mealie meal

My sister was asking for money

My sister visited me in my dream

My sister visited in the dream

My sister take my inheritance

My sister suck my breast

My sister straitened mybdaughters hair and it upset me

My sister snitched on me to my mom

My sister slapping me

My sister saw my male friend limbing down a hill and he was coming to me and i was down the hill she was going up the hill

My sister saw me while i was walking with one foot in limping

My sister saw a dream of my deceased mother scolding her to give me the key repeatedly 3 times

My sister recently passed away from an overdose and i dreamed of her using drugs

My sister receive old clothes means what in a dream

My sister pregnant

My sister on my job

My sister make my hair

My sister lost weight in the dream

My sister lost a lot of weight

My sister lick my vagina in my dream. this means

My sister kiss my feet in a dream

My sister is pregnagyt

My sister is lost

My sister is in the quick sand

My sister is adamanant on bringing a dog home

My sister is a mayor

My sister inlaw has newborns..i have seen the twins in my dreams

My sister inlaw had a miscarriage

My sister in-law naked in the dream

My sister in-law hugging me on my back

My sister in-law dreamt about me abusing her and she started crying.what does it mean

My sister in law pregnant

My sister in law is taking my uniform to their house

My sister in law is pregnant

My sister in law in a jacket dress and trying to arrange marriage with other girl

My sister in law hugging me

My sister in law cleaning my house

My sister in law being pregnant dream

My sister in law and i were best friends

My sister in bath with a man

My sister i saw her and my friends that she cut her hair of my friend my hair of my sister

My sister husband was hitting on me

My sister husband wanted to have sex with me

My sister holding a gold statue

My sister having affair with my husband

My sister having a split personality and burnt other people and was chasing me

My sister having a baby girl

My sister having a baby but she is married

My sister has her menstruation in dream and in hospital

My sister has death

My sister has cut her hair short

My sister had a stroke

My sister had a dream about me getting a boyfriend

My sister gving neackls

My sister got married

My sister giving birth

My sister getting married

My sister getting her menstrual cycle

My sister getting divorced

My sister gave me my ex fiancé watch

My sister gave birth to a baby girl

My sister fighting with me

My sister fell into water

My sister falling into water

My sister fall down into a hole

My sister dying

My sister driving my car away from me

My sister dreamt i

My sister dreamt i had a bastard child

My sister dreamed of me cut off fingers

My sister drawn in the water

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