Uzum diyu ikram edilmek



Uvulva with hair


Uvula with hair

Uvula cought with hair



Utsiden doen cross


Utshwala besizulu

Utshwala besintu

Utshwala besilungu





Utility room on house

Utilities high




Uterus stitches

Uterus female

Uterus falling out

Uterus and ovaries falling out and my children stepping on it



Utensils in a drawer




Usvi prayer times



Usurped meaning


Usra constellation



Using with boyfriend

Using white powder on face

Using trumpet to sing in public

Using too much toilet paper

Using toilet

Using toilet water for ablution in a dream

Using toilet in public view

Using the toilet

Using the toilet in public

Using the bathroom

Using surveillance camera

Using stove dream meaning

Using steroids

Using someones toothbrush

Using someone hair product in the dream

Using someone for money ritual instead of using me in dream

Using someone for money ritual in dream

Using someone else’s toothbrush

Using someone else’s toothbrush

Using someone elses toothbrush

Using someone elses tooth brush

Using someone as sacrifice

Using somebody elses hanging line

Using some one else tooth brush

Using snail as a pomade to your hair

Using shewing stick to brush your teath

Using shewing stick to brush your teath in dream

Using scissors

Using sanitary for money ritual in a drea

Using salt to kill worms in the dream

Using salt to kill worms in my dreams

Using salt to kill worms in a dream

Using salt to kill worm in a dream

Using salt to kill warm in dream

Using salt to kill earthworms

Using salt to kill earthworms in the ear

Using salt to kill earthworms in the dream

Using salt to kill earthworm in a dream

Using salt to kill earth worm

Using salt kill worms

Using salt kill earthworm in a dream

Using rosted palm nut for soup

Using red pen to mark my passport in my dream

Using raisin in cooking

Using phone

Using phone to capture someone inside the same house that i sleep

Using oxygen

Using oil on the head by barber

Using oil on long hair

Using needle on someone in a dream

Using my mind to control to things

Using my atm to withdraw money from dead relative pos in the dream

Using murky water to brush my teeth

Using money as toilet roll

Using methamphetamine

Using medusa\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s head as a weapon

Using love potion in the dream

Using kolanut to touch my forehead

Using iron rod to beat a woman

Using handset to snapshot

Using hand grinder in dream

Using grass for roofing

Using glass jar opening to shape

Using glass jar opening to shape things

Using eye makeup remover

Using dynamite to blow up your house

Using drugs

Using drug

Using dope

Using corn miller to grind your own maize in dream means

Using computer

Using communing sitting at a table and the lord giving it to us.

Using chewing sticks to brush in a dream

Using chewing stick

Using chewing stick with salt to.brush teeth in dream

Using chewing stick to clean ur teeth

Using chewing stick to clean teeth

Using chewing stick to brush

Using chewing stick to brush your mouth

Using chewing stick to brush teeth

Using chewing stick to brush teeth in the dream

Using chewing stick to brush teeth in a dream

Using chewing stick to brush in the dream

Using chewing stick to brush in dream

Using chewing stick to brush in a dream

Using chewing stick in the dream

Using chewing stick in a dream

Using chewing stick brushing ur teeth means?

Using chewing stick brush teeth in dream

Using chainsaw

Using chains to break up ice

Using cane

Using bread as gift wrap

Using blue tarpaulin to cover the sea

Using big shoes

Using big shoes my dream

Using bathroom

Using ban saw to sawing wood for project

Using another person soap

Using and asking pendulum questions

Using an old can in the dream

Using aloevera as a face mask

Using aloe vera to clean face in the dream

Using a wrong tooth brush

Using a wheeled walker

Using a wheelchair but able bodied

Using a walker

Using a wagon to transport

Using a vacuum cleaner

Using a toilet with people seeing you

Using a toilet in public

Using a stick

Using a shovel to cut off grass

Using a rod

Using a phone

Using a machine to clean my vagina

Using a machete to behead people

Using a grinding stone in dream

Using a green calabash fruit to play football in a dream

Using a flashlight

Using a fake i.d

Using a drug in dream

Using a chain saw to cut a tree

Using a card called star

Using a broken vacuum

Using a broken hairdryer

Using a bidet

Using a antique typewriter


Ushering in church





User lip cut


Useless apron

Useing catapilar



Used wet match sticks

Used torn condoms

Used toothbrush

Used tools

Used toilet paper

Used toaster

Used tissue

Used tissue paper

Used tissue in floor

Used things

Used tampons

Used tampon

Used stained sanitary pad

Used speakers

Used sorghum

Used soap to wash a dead relative

Used sdnitary pad

Used santa pads

Used sanitry pad

Used sanitory pad

Used sanitary

Used sanitary towels

Used sanitary towels in dream meaning

Used sanitary towel

Used sanitary pads

Used sanitary pads in the dream

Used sanitary pads in dreams

Used sanitary pads in dream

Used sanitary pads in a dream

Used sanitary pads dream

Used sanitary pads dream meaning

Used sanitary pad

Used sanitary pad with bloof

Used sanitary pad seen in dream

Used sanitary pad meaning

Used sanitary pad in the dream

Used sanitary pad in dreamm

Used sanitary pad in dream

Used sanitary pad in a dream?

Used sanitary pad dream

Used sanitary napkins

Used sanitary napkin

Used sanitary napkin near tre

Used sanitary ad

Used sand to clean a stained feet

Used sanatary pad in my dream

Used paper box

Used pads

Used pads of a friend

Used pad

Used pad thrown away

Used pad in the dream

Used pad in my dream

Used pad in a dream

Used old car

Used napkin

Used mensuration pads

Used menstrual pads

Used maxi pad

Used mattress

Used glasses in sink

Used feminine napkin in husbands pocket

Used drumsticks in dream

Used dirty pad

Used cooking oil

Used condoms

Used condoms in hubby pocket

Used condoms dream

Used condom

Used condom packed

Used condom in wife coat

Used condom floating in water by sailboat

Used coffee screen in water

Used coffee filters

Used coffee filter

Used cloyhing store

Used clothing

Used clothing store

Used clothing for kids dream meaning

Used clothing dream

Used clothing dream meaning

Used clothes

Used clothes selling

Used clothes fonation

Used clothes donation

Used cloth selling

Used catons

Used car

Used car salesmane

Used car salesman

Used candles

Used blooded pad

Used bandaid

Used banana leaves

Used and teared cloths in my dream

Used a letter opener to stab someone


Use salt to kill worms in my dream

Use phone to snapshot someone

Use phone to capture someone

Use of meter measurement

Use my sons toothbrush

Use it don't lose it

Use friend laptop

Use cum

Use cum in dream

Use condom

Use clothing

Use cloth

Usband surprised me with new furniture


Usb wire

Usb drive

Usb cables, needless and threads



Us president

Us dollars in dream

Us dollar notes

Us capitol


Urvan bus

Urvan body


Urudh dhall

Urudal batter see in my dream

Urud dream

Urud dal



Ursu major

Urself ne


Ursa minor

Ursa minor in dream

Ursa major

Ursa major stars zipping line

Ursa major constellation



Urning lamppost


Urn with ashes

Urn for ashes

Urn (container for ashes)

Uripe papaya

Uripe avocado


Urine, urinating


Urine with blood

Urine went in my mouth

Urine test

Urine spilled on clothes

Urine pot

Urine poo s

Urine on toilet seat dream

Urine on self

Urine on bed

Urine of a young goat

Urine in the mouth

Urine in the house

Urine in the h

Urine in cup

Urine in bed

Urine in a cup

Urine green

Urine gold in color in dream

Urine drinking

Urine drinking it

Urine cup

Urine blood

Urine bkood

Urine bed

Urine and feaces

Urine / urinate


Urination from far away


Urinating your pants and a wall

Urinating yellow

Urinating with help of mother in my dream

Urinating with blood

Urinating while praying

Urinating while prayer ng

Urinating squatting on a rug

Urinating purple

Urinating on yourself

Urinating on yourself and cleaning it up

Urinating on woman’s jewellery

Urinating on the steps

Urinating on the quran

Urinating on someone

Urinating on quran

Urinating on one\'s hrad

Urinating on oneself in public

Urinating on ones cloth

Urinating on jewellery

Urinating on dog

Urinating on clothes

Urinating on animal

Urinating on a cloth

Urinating on a bed

Urinating mother

Urinating lots of ants

Urinating lots of ants in a dream meaning

Urinating in well while doing pooja

Urinating in toilet dream means what

Urinating in the sea

Urinating in public

Urinating in dream

Urinating in dream means what

Urinating in bed

Urinating in bathroom

Urinating in aplate

Urinating in a well

Urinating in a well of water

Urinating in a toilet in dream leading to bed wetting

Urinating in a pool of water mean

Urinating in a plastic cup and found a foetus

Urinating in a bathroom

Urinating from dream to your bed

Urinating feces

Urinating erect penis

Urinating blood

Urinating blood in a dream

Urinating black cow

Urinating bed

Urinating baby

Urinating a lot


Urinated upon

Urinated underware


Urinate went into my mouth in the dream

Urinate on

Urinate milk

Urinate masjid

Urinate by transgender

Urinate blood


Urinal bucket



Urin with blood


Urid dhal

Urid dal





Uri e





Urge to water a dry land

Urge to smoke



Urdu dal

Urdu dal means in dream

Urd dal in dreams

Urd daal

Urd daal meaning


Urban legends

Urban area

Uraw meat


Uranus destroyed

Uranus (ouranos)



Ural dal dream




Urad lentil

Urad ki dal

Urad ki dal in dream

Urad ki daal

Urad ki daal in dream

Urad dhal

Urad dall

Urad dall and roti

Urad dal

Urad dal some one given to me

Urad dal soaked

Urad dal soaked in water

Urad dal see meaning in see

Urad dal mean in dream what is indicating

Urad dal in dream

Urad dal in dream

Urad dal in dream meaning

Urad dal give by death person

Urad dal from friend

Urad dal dream

Urad dal dream meaning

Urad dal and rice

Urad dal and rice saw in dream

Urad daal

Urad daal un dream

Urad daal in dream

Urad black daal

Urab dhal in dreams


Ur pam showing lemon color mean wt

Ur mother gives you 2 golden cortese what does it mean

Ur lover

Ur ex telling what he is eating

Ur bf slaps ur butt


Upuprootig cassva in dream

Uptooting cassava, pealing, washing and getting ready for grinding in a dream means what?




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