Wynn, wynne



Www.dream meaning of wearing a spotted dress

Www serving cooked rice and ghee

Wwriting on wall



Wwat do it mean when you dream about doing drugs






Wudu with milk

Wudu in masjid


Wudhu water overflow from utensil

Wudhu in a pond

Wudhu and ghusl

Wudhu and ghusl with milk, wine, oil etc


Wtching a rocket go into space

Wt happen when mangalmuki come in dream asking food she cook for us

Wt happen kinnear came in dream

Wt dose it mean seeing urself fetching kunuaya in ur dream

Wt does it mean to see mealie meal bag in a dream

Wt does it mean to dream of the latters mimi



Wrteen word convenet seeing in heaven

Wrought iron shepherds hook


Wrongly praying

Wrongly arrested

Wrongly accused



Wrong wheels on car

Wrong way

Wrong underwear

Wrong turn

Wrong train

Wrong textbook

Wrong teleportation

Wrong sports equipments

Wrong sports equipment

Wrong spelling on a tattoo

Wrong size shelves

Wrong salah

Wrong room

Wrong room on a quiz night

Wrong road

Wrong place

Wrong path

Wrong passport

Wrong name

Wrong medicine

Wrong medicine prescription

Wrong kind

Wrong kind peanut butter

Wrong keay

Wrong job

Wrong hotel room

Wrong exit

Wrong elevators

Wrong direction

Wrong classroom

Wrong class

Wrong cell phone number being disconnected

Wrong caravan

Wrong bus

Wrong bus route

Wrong birth certificate

Wrong allegations

Wroms in apple





Written work

Written words of a song

Written up at work

Written test

Written paper by someone

Written on

Written numbers on the walls dream

Written note book

Written my name and my wife name in paper

Written message

Written message on paper i told you i never lovedyou

Written marriage proposal on napkins

Written letters

Written letter in silver envelope means

Written exam and paper torn up

Written complaint about me by someone

Written cheque

Writng the right words about me coughing


Writings on the wall

Writings disappeared


Writing yr name and address in a brown book

Writing your will

Writing your name on a white piece of paper

Writing your name in a list

Writing your full names with a golden pen

Writing your full name on a paper

Writing wth a gold pen in the deeam

Writing word

Writing with the wrong hand

Writing with right slanted silver strokes through the letters to form a code

Writing with red pen in the dream

Writing with pencil

Writing with non-dominant hand

Writing with non dominant hand

Writing with biro in church and someone asked you to give her to write too

Writing with a red pen

Writing with a pen

Writing with a gold pen in dram

Writing with a bird pen in church and someone asked you to give her

Writing the word warlock

Writing the name marilynn

Writing sympathy card

Writing story

Writing stationary

Writing spider

Writing someone a cheque

Writing signature with non dominant hand

Writing shahada

Writing shahada in arabic languages

Writing restitution in a dream

Writing pen

Writing pads

Writing pad

Writing pad in dreams

Writing pad and pen

Writing own obituary

Writing own name

Writing out a large cheque

Writing on walls

Writing on wall.

Writing on wall

Writing on torn paper

Writing on the walls

Writing on the wall

Writing on the ground

Writing on the ground with your finger

Writing on the ceiling

Writing on the blackboard

Writing on the back of your head

Writing on post stick notes

Writing on paper

Writing on my nail

Writing on ground

Writing on forehead

Writing on forehead in a dream

Writing on flowers

Writing on flowers maaf me and placing it on a mayet

Writing on flowers and placing them on a janazah

Writing on ceilinh

Writing on ceiling

Writing on betel leaf

Writing on bedroom wall

Writing on baseboard

Writing on a wall

Writing on a sheet of iron

Writing on a mirror

Writing on a embulope

Writing on a dress

Writing on a cheque

Writing o instead of e

Writing number on steel

Writing non-dominant hand

Writing name in sand

Writing name in a book

Writing my signature with non dominant hand

Writing my names on the concrete

Writing my name on paper

Writing my name in a book

Writing mothers obituary

Writing moon

Writing material

Writing love note

Writing in the wall

Writing in the sky

Writing in the sand

Writing in stone

Writing in shorthand

Writing in script

Writing in sand

Writing in red

Writing in note book

Writing in ledger

Writing in gold with a feather pen

Writing in gold ink

Writing in dreams with non-dominant hand

Writing in cursive

Writing in code

Writing in bright blue permanent but smooth marker

Writing in black ink

Writing in a wood

Writing in a dream

Writing gods name in dream

Writing fatima name

Writing exams

Writing exams in a dream symbolizes

Writing exams and unable to finish it

Writing exam

Writing exam in the dream

Writing exam in dream

Writing exam but unable to write

Writing desk

Writing cursive

Writing cheque

Writing calligraphy

Writing book

Writing bismillahi

Writing ayatul kursi

Writing arabic on someone hands

Writing arabic on black shoe

Writing and misspelling the word

Writing an exams with my cassmate but am not able to write the correct answers

Writing an exams and your teacher refuse to give u the final answer scrp

Writing all over walls

Writing address and locking the keys in the lock

Writing a story

Writing a song

Writing a song w

Writing a name

Writing a name in dream

Writing a name an a fig tree branch

Writing a letter

Writing a letter on back of puzzle

Writing a false check

Writing a court docket

Writing a cheque

Writing a check

Writing a chaque in the dream

Writing a book

Writing 2

Writing 2 i steel


Writiing a process




Write wrinkled shirt that is too big

Write unaware exam

Write the word elephant

Write symbols you see in the dream

Write neck

Write name in dream

Write my name

Write movie

Write blank paper on a dream

Write a review

Write a persons name with a pen and learn infinity

Write a meaning of dream it in enterpiniorship



Wristwatch in the sand

Wristwatch dream meaning in the bible

Wristwatch dream interpretation in bible


Wrists electric

Wrists being cut by someone else




Wrist watch

Wrist watch with inscription

Wrist watch unlocked itself

Wrist watch pen and pencil

Wrist watch losing hands

Wrist watch in a dream mean

Wrist watch giving to you in a dream

Wrist watch gift

Wrist watch from dead

Wrist watch face removed

Wrist watch as agift

Wrist swollen

Wrist scratching

Wrist pain

Wrist dislocated

Wrist cutting

Wrist cut

Wrist cut dream

Wrist cut by someome

Wrist broken

Wrist breaking

Wrist bleeding

Wrist being cut

Wrist being bond

Wrist beads



Wrinkles on the face

Wrinkles in face

Wrinkles in daughters face

Wrinkles dream


Wrinkled white blouse

Wrinkled wedding dress

Wrinkled suit

Wrinkled skirt interpretation

Wrinkled skin

Wrinkled shirts

Wrinkled shirt

Wrinkled pants

Wrinkled man blazer

Wrinkled graduation gown

Wrinkled feet

Wrinkled face

Wrinkled clothing in my dreams

Wrinkled clothes

Wrinkled clothes walking on their own

Wrinkled clothes in dream

Wrinkled cloth

Wrinkled bridal dreass

Wrinkled breasts


Wrinkle shirt

Wrinkle light blue shirt

Wringworms in head

Wringled clothes

Wrinckle white pants




Wretched life

Wretched in dream

Wretched dream




Wrestling with giant slug

Wrestling with ansector

Wrestling with a person

Wrestling with a lioness

Wrestling ring

Wrestling match

Wrestling in a ring

Wrestling fight




Wrens in dark house

Wrenching testicles


Wrench light



Wreckless driving

Wrecking off a cliff

Wrecking into pine trees

Wrecking car

Wrecking ball

Wrecking airborne car

Wrecking a car



Wrecked suv

Wrecked ships

Wrecked pickup

Wrecked car

Wrecked boat



Wreck into freezing ice and water




Wreaking ball

Wreaking a road




Wrapping up a baby

Wrapping up a baby in a large blanket

Wrapping presents

Wrapping people with colored tissue paper

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper torture

Wrapping in sheet

Wrapping gifts

Wrapping birthday gifts

Wrapping around blanket

Wrapping arms around me

Wrapping arm around me

Wrapping and throwing away a pad

Wrapping a baby


Wrappers in the dream


Wrapper burn

Wrapped tounge

Wrapped toiletpaper

Wrapped in towel

Wrapped in toilet paper

Wrapped in paper

Wrapped in kafan

Wrapped in hair

Wrapped in gold while sleeping

Wrapped in gold robes while sleeping

Wrapped in a white sheet

Wrapped in a towel

Wrapped in a sheet

Wrapped in a blanket

Wrapped gift set before you in a drea

Wrapped earrings

Wrapped by snake

Wraping a gift

Wraped food

Wraped box


Wrap up

Wrap shawls

Wrap in white

Wrap in blanket

Wrap in a blanket

Wrap face in plastic





Wounds, bruises etc


Wounds on wrist

Wounds on the palms

Wounds on the face

Wounds on my face and stomach

Wounds on my child

Wounds on hand

Wounds in walls

Wounds healing inflicted banknote

Wounds expelling

Wounds at the back of my daughter

Wounds all over a spouse body


Wounded womans toe

Wounded walrus

Wounded swan

Wounded soldiers

Wounded shoulder

Wounded right toe but soon to heal

Wounded ribs

Wounded pet dog

Wounded person

Wounded people

Wounded palm but no blood

Wounded mouth and neck

Wounded mans face

Wounded man

Wounded lizard

Wounded left leg in a dream interpretation

Wounded index finger

Wounded horse

Wounded head

Wounded hands

Wounded hand

Wounded forehead

Wounded feet

Wounded face

Wounded elephant

Wounded dog

Wounded deer

Wounded child

Wounded chest

Wounded cat

Wounded calf dream

Wounded by animal

Wounded breast

Wounded arm of a dead person

Wounded animal

Wounded animal sound

Wounded and trapped cat

Wounded and trapped cat that hanging

Wounded and / or trapped animals

Wound,insect infestation


Wound without pain

Wound with pus in hand

Wound with pus in center of chest

Wound with machete by someone

Wound with blood

Wound underarm

Wound under foot

Wound to the foot

Wound right foot

Wound open

Wound onarm

Wound on the left inner ankle

Wound on the forehead

Wound on someone hand in a dream

Wound on right foot

Wound on ones body

Wound on my hand by machete

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