Y’all building

Y’all black on face

Y’all are weird








Yur sister is eating salt in a dream

Yuong man


Yung person reciting



Yule tide

Yule log

Yule / yule log



Yuj majooj



Yucca root

Yucca fruit



Yuca root

Yu lihua - dream of returning to green river



Yrturing a cat




You’re persephone

You’re investigated for murder

You’re blessed




Youtube video of murder

Youths trying to kill me


Youthful looking


Youth room

Youth group

Youth gravity

Youth flashback dream



Yourself having a stoke

Yourself giving blessing to your friend

Yourself giving blessing to your dream

Yourself entering a nice big house eating

Yourself as a priest


Youre wife is youre dominatrix

Youre past friend seeing him with a hunchback

Youre friend mobile was crack



Your x-husband touching your vagina in a dream

Your x buying you dry fish

Your won marriage

Your wife

Your wife with hickeys you did not give

Your wife thinking about you

Your wife kissing your friend in front of you

Your wife having sex with another man in a dream

Your wife dies

Your wedding ring is twisted and bent

Your watching you grow kid in car showing you buy face time of him in car side showing passenger side though the window of gun firing

Your watch falling apart

Your wanted by the law

Your vagina

Your vagina wide open

Your uncle kisses you in a dream

Your uncle kisses you in a dream meaning

Your unborn baby dies

Your tongue is bitten by someone

Your tongue cut off

Your tongue being nailed to the roof of your mouth

Your tongue are being split in the middle

Your thread keeps overfilling the bobon

Your teeth turned staind

Your teeth falling

Your teacher beating in a dream means

Your teacher beaten you

Your taxi stolen

Your step dad licking a girls vagina

Your spouse chasing you with cutlass in the dream

Your spouse chasing you in the dream with a cutlass

Your spouce dead

Your soul is in a jar

Your soouse masturbating

Your son wearing white shirt

Your son tell you to be happy

Your son separated on you

Your son is gay

Your son gives you bath brush

Your son falling into drowning into a well

Your sister said to you sit the chair

Your sister holding a torch in your inlaws house

Your sister goes out with her boyfriend

Your sister getting married

Your sister getting married again with the same person

Your sister getting killed in a car wreck

Your sister doing a spell on you

Your sister die in dream

Your sister being scolded

Your sister being pregnant

Your sister beating you up and wanting to kill you

Your sibling has died

Your ribs were broken

Your purse is stolen

Your primary school

Your place was attack by rebels

Your pet dog hugging you and crying

Your pet dog dies

Your personal

Your pennis in someones mouth

Your pastors face ina dreams

Your pastors body close to your body dancing

Your pastor talking to you in a dream

Your pastor standing behind you in a dream

Your pastor shaking hands with you

Your pastor scolding you in your dream

Your pastor being mad at you

Your partner weaving in a dream

Your partner removing a ring from your hand in a dream

Your partner is cheating on you

Your parent is a billionaire

Your own virgins dream

Your own old clothes

Your own nose bleeding

Your own marriage

Your own feces in an empty swimming pool

Your own corpse

Your own breast

Your old house

Your old clothe

Your old bestfriend is clapping for you

Your nose was bitten by someone

Your niece paid for lobola

Your niece has long teeth

Your nephew gets lost

Your name

Your name written in black ink turns red

Your name being written down by pastor

Your name being heather

Your mother’s shoes

Your mother throwing three package of salt on you after praying

Your mother says you should find a new place to live

Your mother is missing

Your mother insulting you in dream

Your mother given cocoyam for you to eat in a dream

Your mother falls in a well

Your mother dream that your pregnant

Your mother disownig you

Your mother dies and then you start to drown

Your mother blessing you in a dream

Your mother asking for help and saying your ex name

Your mom sick

Your mom covered in dust

Your man is smiling on you

Your man carry you at his back in a dream

Your lover masturbating

Your lover making with other girl

Your lover leaving you

Your lover leaves you for a job

Your lover kiss someone

Your lover eating your vagina

Your loved one dies

Your love that died giving you a gold ring

Your love one shrink

Your love is canning you

Your love interest kissing another

Your love interest is with another

Your little brother showing you a sea eel

Your late grandmother gives you bread and cheese

Your late father giving you money

Your kids going into a spooky place and you not being able to get to them

Your kids drowning

Your inspiration

Your index finger wanting to fall off

Your in miami

Your in dream half wall in kitchen

Your in a fire and you watch your love one walk away from you

Your husband playing the cello

Your husband licking your ear

Your husband licking your ass

Your husband holding another womans breast in a dream

Your husband having another wife

Your husband having affair with another woman when you are pregnant

Your husband handcuffed in dream

Your husband divorcing you in dream

Your husband bite you

Your husband being duped

Your husband beating his wife

Your husband beat you

Your husband avoiding to be intimate

Your house sinking

Your home

Your home haintrd

Your heart

Your headcloth taken away by a cow from your head

Your hand wounding someone else hand

Your hair tie breaks

Your hair is long

Your grandmother abusing your child

Your give you fufu in the dream to eat but later demand for garri because the fufu was not good for you

Your girlfriend never showing up

Your girlfriend is pregnant

Your girlfriend cheats or leaves you

Your girlfriend being selfish in your dream

Your girlfriend being a witch and coming into your room

Your gf being a withc

Your gas finishing in the dream

Your friends killing a pig in school

Your friends is pregnant

Your friends going to a house after shopping

Your friend

Your friend gets shot and killed

Your friend gets shot and fell ito your arms dead

Your friend dream of your death

Your friend being transgender

Your friend asking you for money in the dream

Your friend as a sumo wrestler

Your fingernails were drawn and blood flowed

Your fiancé confessing her with her bother

Your fiancé confessing her sex with her bother

Your feet burning in adream

Your father is having a second wife

Your father dies

Your father dead news dream

Your father as a cult member means

Your family trying to escape

Your family that were kidnapped

Your family being killed

Your face is turning blue

Your face have makeup

Your eyes turning into the cat

Your eyes are crossed

Your ex’s

Your ex

Your ex pouring poison on your head

Your ex orgazuming

Your ex is evil and smiling

Your ex husband leaving his mistress

Your ex having sex

Your ex drunk

Your ex boyfriend loving you again

Your ex boyfriend getting another girl pregnant

Your estranged husband and yourself crying in the dream

Your enemy planting sugar cane in dream

Your enemy given you palm kanel

Your enemy driving a car in circles

Your dreams

Your dreams gardens

Your dream looked exactly what will happen if you woke up

Your dog

Your dog that passed away

Your dog swallowing a giant bird

Your dog killing a baby snake

Your dog iron in your bed

Your dog has brain cancers

Your dog going missing

Your dog burning in an oven

Your deceased mother disowning you

Your deceased father knocking at your door

Your deceased father is wearing his argyle cashmere vest

Your deceased father bringing you dessert in your dream

Your death certifucate

Your death and then you become alive

Your dead wife sweeping with your in your dream

Your dead mother is showing you a black sweater

Your dead mother grinding perper in dream meaning

Your dead father eating

Your dead dog

Your dead dad kisses you on yr mouth

Your dead dad blessing you

Your daughter was given a black watch trimmed gold by a woman

Your daughter tthrow up

Your daughter has eloped in a dream

Your daughter giving you two kernel nuts

Your daughter give you key

Your daughter being rapef

Your daughter being at a university

Your daughter been rape

Your daughter becomes sick she recovers

Your dal

Your dad is struck by lightening

Your dad buying you food and giving you money

Your crush

Your crush talking to you nicely

Your crush marrying someone else

Your crush likes your besy friends

Your crush kissing you

Your crush is your boyfriend

Your crush carrying you

Your cpusin

Your cousin pregnant on her wedding day

Your country president

Your country flag high up on a hill

Your coins fallen into a gutter in dream meaning

Your clothe used to clean the church

Your clothe catching fire

Your children’s faces

Your children are young again

Your child turns rebellious

Your child teeth being knocked out

Your child gets bite by a snake

Your child crying

Your child choxking

Your child being lost

Your child being bitten by a snake

Your certificates being torn

Your car stolen

Your car is stolen

Your car blocking

Your car being washed

Your brother touching your breast

Your brother telling you to buy a house

Your brother fighting you

Your brother died

Your brother comes back in your room and nicks down the wall

Your brother arrested

Your boyfriend’s sister

Your boyfriend

Your boyfriend weaving a mart

Your boyfriend telling you they going to marry you

Your boyfriend telling you he loves your enemy

Your boyfriend sucking your vagina

Your boyfriend sucking your vagina in a dream

Your boyfriend has gray hair

Your boyfriend gives you the glasses of sunglasses but his face looksas if he is asame

Your boyfriend gives you the glasses of sunglasses but his face looks as if he is asamed

Your boyfriend gives you the glasses of sunglasses but his face looks as if he is asame

Your boyfriend cheat on your dream

Your boyfriend buying shoes for someone else

Your boyfriend admitted in the icu unit

Your boy friend washing yo feet in adream

Your boy friend house

Your boss texted you

Your boss in a dream has a snake tongue

Your boss give you blood bandage

Your body is melting into another persons

Your body has become one with with someone else

Your body changing to emrald

Your bestfriend stealing your boyfriend

Your best friend

Your baby looks malnutrition

Your baby falling in the snow

Your baby eating guava in dream

Your baby been stolen

Your are in a old place

Youngster dreaming of tree leaves?

Youngster dreaming of tree leaves



Younger women

Younger version of the man i want and you get version of myself

Younger version of self

Younger version of girlfriend

Younger than years

Younger sister

Younger sister getting married and in long white sparkley dress with veil

Younger self

Younger photos

Younger person giving me a ring

Younger people

Younger men

Younger man

Younger man in brown suit

Younger man in a dream

Younger man dreaming of sexually woman

Younger looking

Younger having baby boy

Younger face

Younger classmates

Younger child self

Younger brother

Younger brother sick

Younger brother holding snake skin

Younger brother holding a snake skinin a dream

Younger brother getting high on mushrooms

Younger brother being sick

Younger brother arrested

Younger age



Young womens breasts

Young women

Young women throwing her jewllery

Young women loved

Young women kissing husband

Young women going to be my wife

Young women eating

Young woman

Young woman)

Young woman who has paased

Young woman who has died

Young woman visiting

Young woman touching my penis

Young woman intimate

Young woman in white tracksuit

Young woman in my dream

Young woman in house under construction stranger come and go

Young woman flirting with me

Young woman dreaming of fish

Young woman dream deleverd twoince

Young woman deleverd twoince

Young woman being atacked

Young wild animals

Young wife

Young white woman

Young wamen

Young trees.

Young tiger

Young teenage girls

Young teacher

Young students

Young son

Young son plays in the sand

Young son driving

Young soldier

Young shark

Young sexual

Young scared girl

Young ram with horn

Young puppy

Young pregnant female

Young plants

Young person wearing milatory uniform simblioses

Young person present throughout dream

Young people, adolescents

Young people

Young naked woman

Young men

Young men harassing me

Young men chasing me

Young me

Young man

Young man

Young man sucked my breast in dream

Young man showing deep love for another

Young man rejected by elder woman

Young man proposing

Young man playing violin

Young man lover

Young man leaving my house

Young man interested in old woman

Young man in my dream

Young man dream

Young man courted me

Young man carring for me in the hospital

Young man being rejected by elder woman

Young man acting threatening with a wrench or tool

Young leonardo decaprio

Young lady

Young lady wearing torn and dirty clothes in a dream

Young lady mermaid

Young lady in my bed having sex with me

Young lady bathing naked in public

Young ladies

Young inobedient boy falls

Young husband

Young guy

Young goat

Young girls

Young girls with red hair

Young girls father cuts her hair short

Young girl

Young girl without panties on

Young girl with sores

Young girl with golden hair needs help

Young girl with blue ,black reddish eye

Young girl waiting

Young girl naked

Young girl married

Young girl in dream islamic preduction

Young girl in dream islamic prediction

Young girl catching fish in river

Young girl as wife hug and kiss

Young giraffe trying to get away from a jeep with a dog on the hood

Young fruits on tree

Young fresh drumsticks

Young females

Young father in law

Young face

Young emperor lying down in coffin

Young elephant

Young eagle

Young disobidient boy falls

Young daughter got raped while sleeping

Young daughter being raped & killed in dream

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