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Hundred percent

100 percent

In dust storm cant see

Dream of bayonette at your neck


Eating tamarind pulp

Chewing gum stuck in mouth

Cooking human bodies

Evil behind closed door

Splitting firewood with an axe

Finding silver coins money


Dreams about holes in skin like tryphobia holes


Daughter getting married

Walls covered in plastic

Falling in spirals

Unstitched yarn

People in the dream

Missing the transportation

Untangled yarn

Missed transportation

Newborn baby

Dreamed about sleeping with my stepson

Dream of seeing four white horses

Receiving communion from the pope

Pulling out weeds in garden means

Ridder falls with white horse

Ridder in white horse falls withhorse

What does it meaning someone giving saree in the dream

Four white horses running


Oxigen mask

Search …death

Yellow wheelchair

Hair falling out

Dead mint

Foot crack meaning

Dreams of collard greens

Not getting a job

A multiple headed calm snake

Dreams of a white pick up truck

Dreams of white pick up truck

Your child being bitten by a snake

Forgetting your helmet

I dream im putting a yellow chemise on a new born

Harvesting sweet potatoes

Holding queen elizabeth 11 in my hands

Aunty selling her old house

Aunty selling his old house


Helping the queen

Mom having g a stroke

Men and boys


Miley cyrus

Jennifer aniston

Spinning out of control

To see buckets in the dream

Helping the tiny queen


Hag stone

Stove flame

Flying around the world

Dough containers

I saw my daughter being beaten on her hands

Feeling orgasms

Scary dreams

Dream of boyfriend having sex with sister

Whole in the eye

Someone dies in dream

Raining the blood of jesus


Blood coming out of lips

Death in adream

Dead people giving advice

Dead people not speaking

Dead people not saying a word, but just looking at you

To dream of your boyfriend being your husband

Dead mom

Mouse in a dram

Hair growing from forehead


Disappearing children

Hacked cellphone



Dirty clothes and want to change

Using the toilet in public

Large console tv

Dress shoes

Dream of burned open fields

Busy at a job

Wet bare left foot

Father flirting daughter

Having sexual intercourse in the dream

Blood cloths or fibroids coming out of the vagina, in the dream

Red thread on the dinner table

Axe as a head

Someone injected my kids with drugs

Someone gave drugs to my kids

Someone drugged other person

Abusive teasing

What does it meaning sewing thread in the dream?

Crying in rain

Father and daughter having bad relationship

Where in a block boats

What does it when dream about your feet getting wet

Swarm of knapsack

Receiving potash in the dream



Raw fufu

Hair growing on hands

Dead dad laughing together at work

What crab lice mean

What does it mean to dream of eggs

Friend and my husband sleeping in bed

My husband and dead friend are figjting

Ceiling on fire

When u dream about devious

When u dream about deviors

Picking a lime in a garden

Picking a line in a garden

To dream about 2 thum




Curtains blowing in darkness

Blossom in the dream

Buying sweet potatoes in the dream

Giving one dollar bills away

Giving dollar bills away

Flooding and lobsters

Big hairy feet

Kinners group

Animal migration

Dream of a grandmother tombstone

Husband and my girlfriend are fighting

Lip kissing with friend


Husband and my friend are fighting in bed

Husband and my friend fighting in bed

Dream of my dead girl friend combing my husbands pubic hair

Dead person giving me keys in my dream

Dead friend combing husbands pubic hair


Bbeing a butler

Fell into a hole at work


Crashed satellite

Kumkum in forehead

Banyan tree near river

Cross word

Ride misfunction in amusement park

Putting on a harness

Dream about celebrities

Putting on a harness for flying

Toddler in washing machine

Dreams about howard stern

Black and white flannel shirt on my husband

Dead father gave gift

Dead father gave me functional school, houses,and land

Flying 2 seater plane

Husband wearing a new jacket

Boyfriend’s parents

Water whirlwing


What does it mean to see someone holding an aloe vera leaf cut pouring water in their hands

What does it mean when your nose is running


White rabbit playing base

Polishing silver

I seen drawers open by themselves then in shock i seen them close by themselves. what does that mean

Can’t find car

Mistress caught

Getting rob and shot by a black man


What dose it mean to see many mice

Helping a president

What does milking a cow on a dream mean?


In politics

Crawling thru a small window

Riding on shoulders

“basement fire”

Basement fire

Death of a grandson

Giving money to the church

Purple crayon

Dreaming of coffee machine in golf game

Dream of playing gold with coffee machine


Dreaming about a baby choking

Given cowries in your dream , what does it mean

Stolen laggage

Riding by black jeep

Shark eating partner

Riding in black jeep

What does it mean seen dead person given you cowries in the dream

Oil in my pan turning orange

Being in a dirty gondola

Hichey on spouse i didnt give


Ex boyfriend has new baby

Ex boyfriend

What does it mean if a dead person ask for water to drink in ur dream

Somebody else yearbook


Ginea fowl

When wife is wearing her husband dress in a dream

Dream interpretation of music notes

Kissing a cat

Black smock

What does it mean if a dead person ask for water

Dead waving at me through window smiling

Premature baby

Removing cyst on finger

Vomiting a girdle

Blind woman in dream

What does it mean to see myself preaching in the dream

Choking on safety pin

Uncle selling his old house

Dreaming of green sr.sto nino

Bathing with feces in water

Selling ackee in a dream meaning

Anger over relationships

Home wreckors

Deceased father gave me a bag with cash

Watering can charm

Rotting teeth

Catching mopane worms

Giving quran to someone in dream

Catching mopani worms

Rotting falling out teeth

Grey hair on my foot

When you dream about your ex mother in-law greeting you

Breasts sagging to the floor




Accidentally breaking a broom handle

Speaking to a spirit

Cut off fingertip

Speaking to a sprint

Forced to swallow

Green caterpillar

Skinny legs

I dreamt that i was pounding yam in my dream

Cleaning up vomit from a child

Hear mom calling my name

Alive mom calling my name

Lion running towards me in dream

You are in cemetery full of snake

Dreaming your husband naked

Woman dressed in a gold dress

Wife abducted

Looking out if high windows

Log of neem

Stairs to blank walls

Dropping items



Husband moved in mistress and there child



Wearing a black graduation gown

That is a real hound of hell

Turning into a man

Black flying horse

Chane ki dal

Dream about dog in the church

Women giving azan

Exploring a home

Falling construction crane

Broken camera

Growing extra finger


Mad man kiss me

Marriage proposal rejected by lover

Mother and gold rings



My uncle chasing my dog

Cop ejaculating

Rotten goat meat

Wearing church hat

Seeing someone in black passing by

Seeing someone in black walking

Seeing someone wearing your belt

White panthers

Seeing pastor and his wife

Lose a finger

A broken bottle of red palm oil

Buying slippers dream meaning

Being bitten by hyena

Dead grandmother giving us sugar


Meaning of big toe nails broken

Meaning of big toe nails broken


Cream snake

Dream of buying singlet interpret

Cow love

Walking into ocean


What does it meaning meaning pounding fufu

What does it meaning meaning pounding fufu

Snoring in public

Meaning of seeing a prophet in the dream

Hostessing a wedding

Naked baby falling

I dreamt where a prophet was looking for me and later saw me and was telling me it being long they where looking for me

Barefoot and lost in a strange place

Seeing vitiligo on my baby


Mother incest

What is the meaning of an elderly woman in power praying for me in the dream?

To have sexual tense between an old bully

I kissed my cruck

What is the meaning of an elderly woman power praying for me in the dream?

Sleeping omn agrave

I dreamt where a prophetess was congratulating me by sharking my hands

What does it meaning when elderly in power woman pray me dream in the dream?

Handwriting in the sky

I was carrying a big sack full of crayfish in the dream what does that mean?


Running from tornados

First lady

I was carrying a big sack of crayfish in the dream what does it mean?

3 legs upside down


Red checked shirt

Home improvements

Withered white flowers

Spider with muted purple green colouring

Dull colorsk

Seeing groundnut in my dream some are buying but my is free what is the meaning

Leaving a funeral


Giraffes been killed

Dream ripe pawpaw on tree


Jiggers all over my body in the dream


Temple g

End relationship

White rose heads

Playing table tennis with a girl i’m in love with

School bus accident people injured

Playing table tennis with a girl i love

Father imposter

What does it mean snake coming out of vagina in the dream as if you are giving birth

Carrieing a hose

Tearing clothes in a dream

Wearing wedding chura


Being druged

Bottomless drawer

Dry beans

Black web

Dream about throwing apples

Seen fufu in a dream

Husbands clothes burning

What does it mean going down a slide?

Guy giving me food and drink in the dream

Giving a wet handkerchief in dreaming

Cakes falling to ground

Mistaken identity

What does it mean if you dream about breaking a kittens neck

Books falling off shelf

Car crashes into semi

Human vowel


Hole in breast

What does it meaning when, old, woman, pray, dream, in the dream?

Tearing dress


Abandoned house on fire

Cooking bacon

What it means when given cocoyam in dream

What it means when given cocoyam in drra

Dreaming of your boyfriend telling you going to have babies with him and get married

Dreaming of sr.sto nino green in dress


What is the spiritual meaning of orange shirt


Back door came away from the wall

Your boyfriend telling you they going to marry you

Lover telling they going to marry you

Naked inside the church

Losing a coat

To dream of winning a beauty contest means

Drinking oil from my vagina means what

What is the meaning of buying maggi in the dream


Someone pours palm oil into my vagina

Prostitute wife

Swiss chard dreams

What does it mean to see a stone statue head


Pink frees but tornd like a wedding drees

Search …black cars

Lover loving someone else

Search …hyna

Search …fish

Perbound popularity

Agora dream meaning

Horse with 3 legs and bandaged wound on one leg

Slaughtering dogs

Peace maker

What does being chased in the dream mean?

Daed man rising from coffin in my home

What does dreaming eating cassava in school mean


Baby animals

Baby animals

Seeing yourself living in a dustbin

Seeing urself living in a dirty place

Throwing corpse in gorge dream

Trying to go home

Dream of a yellow shirt

Dream of a uello. shirt

Running slow but still winning

Stain on a yellow shirt

Packing of bunches of kola

Baby bangs

Head wall

Falling down steps backwards


Dressing table

Dead man rising from the coffin in home

I bought a car at it was repossessed

Dead man rising from coffin in my home

Eating in the dustbin

I gave food to a mad man in dream

Someone praying for me

Old amma making a rangoli

Car hit by someone

Large buttocks

Dreaming about prisoners escaping from the prison

What does eating in t junction meaning in dream

Husband leaving you

Wearing saree

Kinnarrunning behind lizard

Old relative

Feeding dead relative in dreams

What does it meaning mopane worms tree in a dream

Open sore on breast

Shelving of hairs in the dream

Dream of red chooda

What does it mean to dig ridges in the dream

Coat pocket

What does it mean to preach in my dream

Dead father who is naked

Tying head tie in a dream means what


Channeling of flood in a dream

To eat chinchin in the dream what does it mean

Mother son

Buying unpeel egwusi in the dream

Bone marrow

Gold coins in hand

Dream of seeing samoosas

Dream of wearing a white labcoat

Dream of harvesting casava in the dream

Pastor outside

Pastor ourside

Pastor standing outside your home

Plucking mulberry from tree

Cleaning clothes of a dead person

Beaten my mother in the dream means

Someone tearing your dress in a dream and your buttocks showed

Eating sweet white pomegranate


Cleaning clothes

What does it mean mother blessing her first son in a dream?

Person trespassing on my property

Someone trespoasu


Ice cream



A pastor was robing my face with vaselinne

Stealess plate in the dream

Mopping in the church

Pomelo harvesting

Dream of wearing white striped with black socks

What does it mean. if someone give you stealess plate in the dream

Grass cutters killings in dream

Baby borning

Seeing kanazawa in dream

Eating roasted goat meat in a dream with family members

Crystal fidt

Dream my mother give me silver coins

Veil over someone

Finding out your pregnant and then eat mangoes in dream

Boy leaving gift

My lobola was paid

Meaning of making much broom in a dream

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